Ayurvedic Creatinine Treatment

What is creatinine? – Ayurvedic Treatment for Creatinine

Creatinine is a waste compound that comes from the normal wear and tears on the muscles of the body. It is normal to have a little bit of creatinine in the bloodstream, and that is okay. The problem arises when this amount reaches an unacceptable range and starts causing issues.

There are temporary reasons linked to the presence of too much creatinine in the blood, such as eating a diet rich in protein, doing strenuous exercise, cold, infections, fever, dehydration, etc. For all these factors are curable, you do not need to worry about them. The problem arises when the imputed factor is kidney disease.

Once the body produces creatinine, it is transported to the kidneys for excretion during the blood filtration process. Creatinine presence in the urine indicates your kidney function is optimal, but if more of it is found in the blood, it signifies impaired kidney function.

When the kidney function is not optimal, the creatinine may start to build in the blood due to poor creatinine clearance by the kidneys. For this reason, doctors use creatinine in the blood as a measurement of how well the kidneys are functioning.

One of the best ways to treat elevated creatinine levels is to rely on Ayurveda for a perpetual recovery. Ayurvedic treatment for creatinine will help you improve kidney function with the use of medicinal herbs.

What is the normal range of creatinine?

Creatinine is dependent on various factors such as age, race, gender, and body size. Females tend to have a different creatinine range than males. And this is because creatinine is conditional on the muscle mass. The more muscle mass a person has, the more is going to be creatinine in the blood.

Normal levels of creatinine in the blood are approximately 0.6 to 1.2 milligrams (mg) per deciliter (dL) in males and 0.5 to 1.1 milligrams per deciliter in females.

What is considered high creatinine levels?

  • A person with only one kidney function may have a normal range of about 1.8.
  • Creatinine levels that go beyond 2.0 or more in babies and 5.0 in adults depict abnormal kidney function.

What are the signs of elevated blood creatinine range?

Creatinine in itself is not a condition to show you any impairment; rather, it indicates that your kidney function is not optimal. The signs of this condition are those related to chronic kidney disease.

Depending on the cause of the problem, different symptoms may be present, including:

  • feeling dehydrated
  • fatigue
  • swelling in the lower extremities
  • shortness of breath
  • confusion
  • nausea, vomiting
  • Neuropathy (poor concentration, memory issues)
  • dry skin
  • decreased appetite
  • frequent and painful urination
  • urine that is foamy or bloody


When to see a doctor

Consult your healthcare team if the signs mentioned above tend to appear more frequently in you. Only after the diagnostic tests he may advise you on the right treatment approach. Ayurvedic medicine for creatinine is helpful even if your creatinine is exceptionally high. This treatment can work for kidney function, which is longstanding and on the edge of end-stage renal disease.

What are the causes of high blood creatinine range?

Any condition that impairs kidney function is likely to affect your blood creatinine range. Conditions that are long standing take time to get rid of, while others can still be cured with ease. Nevertheless, Ayurvedic treatment for creatinine can work on all of these and bring down creatinine levels naturally.

The most common causes of kidney disease are as follow:

  • high blood pressure and
  • diabetes

Other less common causes of elevated blood creatinine levels are:

  • Certain drugs (for instance, cimetidine) can rarely cause elevated blood creatinine range.
  • Creatinine can also rise after ingestion of a large amount of dietary meat; thus, nutrition can also affect creatinine.
  • Kidney infections that are recurrent also result in elevated creatinine range.
  • Rhabdomyolysis (abnormal muscle breakdown).
  • Urinary tract obstruction may also elevate creatinine levels.

How is the creatinine test used?

The creatinine blood test is used to examine kidney function. It is done along with a BUN (blood urea nitrogen) test as a part of the basic evaluation of the kidney function or comprehensive metabolic panel to evaluate your overall health. The creatinine test is also done as a part of a renal function to evaluate kidney function.

If the creatinine and BUN tests are not under the normal range, it means you have underlying kidney disease that resulted in deviation. The tests are also done to know if the treatment is working for you or not.

Does creatinine level change with age?

Creatinine levels relate to muscle mass and kidney function. With increasing age, the muscle mass tends to decrease, but as the kidney function impairs, this results in elevated creatinine range in the blood. However, changes in the creatinine range are not too significant to be noticed.


One of the best ways to bring creatinine down is to take ayurvedic treatment for creatinine. Ayurvedic treatment helps to bring down adverse creatinine range by strengthening kidney function. Ayurveda is an organic approach for it only takes into account medicinal herbs and dietary regimens to boost kidney function.

The Takeaway

The creatinine blood test may be done, along with a BUN test and urine albumin on a regular interval to know if you have affected kidney function or not.

Both BUN and creatinine may also be done before and after certain drug therapies, dialysis to know how effectively the ayurvedic treatment for creatinine is working.

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