IgA Nephropathy Ayurvedic Treatment

In the world of kidney failure, IgA nephropathy is a major cause of chronic kidney disease. It is also known as Berger’s disease. The reason behind the cause of this disease is the accumulation of an antibody (immunoglobulin A) in our kidneys. In the beginning, it causes a small inflammation. This makes our kidneys unable to filter the waste from the blood.

The progression of this disease takes over years and it differs from person to person. It causes the end-stage kidney failure. Some people face symptoms like hematuria without any major development in the symptoms of the disease.

As far as the treatment of IgA nephropathy is concerned, allopathy suggests medication for the slower progression whereas IgA nephropathy Ayurvedic treatment includes herbs and guidelines that can treat the disease from the core. Also, it is important to reduce the cholesterol level of our body and keep a check on the blood pressure to delay the progression of the disease.

Causes of IgA nephropathy

Many things knowingly or unknowingly can lead to the problem of IgA nephropathy. It is important to educate yourself about the causes of this disease so that we can pay attention to its prevention before it causes major damage to our kidneys.

The antibody immunoglobulin A (IgA) attacks the disease-causing bacteria and fights infection in our body. But in the case of this disease, this body causes major damage to our body instead of protecting us from infections and other related problems. This antibody gets collected in the glomeruli of our kidneys and hinders the general functioning of the organ. The reason behind the accumulation of this antibody is still not clear but it is believed that the following can be the reason.

  • Genetic cause – Flaws in the genes is one of the reasons for this disease. There are many families and ethnic groups facing this problem already.
  • Infections – Some bacterial infections and HIV can lead to the problems of IgA nephropathy.
  • Liver disease – Certain liver problems may end up causing IgA nephropathy. Conditions like cirrhosis cause scarring of tissues present within the liver. Chronic hepatitis B, C infections also cause IgA nephropathy in humans.
  • Celiac disease – It is a digestive condition that is caused by eating food rich in gluten.


If you ever feel like you are habitual to these causes and may get IgA nephropathy then try making a distance from all those things that can lead your way to the disease. In case, you have diagnosed with the disease already then IgA nephropathy Ayurvedic treatment will help you the best.

Symptoms of IgA nephropathy

Let us know about the symptoms of IgA nephropathy. It does not occur in the initial stage of the disease. The progression of this disease takes time and so as the symptoms. Some of the very commonly detected signs of IgA nephropathy include-

  • Hematuria, which is a condition of blood in the urine. You will notice the color of your urine going cola or tea-colored.
  • Pain in the abdomen
  • Fatigue
  • Foamy urine, which is a condition of proteinuria or protein in the urine.
  • Problems like high blood pressure
  • Edema, this is the swelling of hands and feet
  • Infections in the urinary tract
  • Infections like cold and flu
  • The gradual change in mood


The sign like urinary tract infection can be seen mainly in the girls. Also, blood in urine is a matter of worry. So one should consult a doctor if any such thing happens. One should always opt for the IgA nephropathy treatment in Ayurveda such a condition as Ayurveda holds the capacity to treat any of your problems without any pain and major side effects.

Pregnancy complication in IgA nephropathy

Pregnancy is a major concern in a situation like IgA nephropathy. There are many risks associated with IgA nephropathy and CKD when it comes to pregnancy. Problems in fetal outcomes, the decline in kidney functions, preterm death, death of the fetus are some of the very known complications. The childbearing age of the women is highly affected by the 3rd stage of kidney problems.

Ayurvedic Treatment for IgA Nephropathy

Medical science suggests that there is no specific treatment available for IgA nephropathy. Some medicines can be used to delay the progression of the disease or to kill the symptoms but when it comes to a complete treatment of IgA nephropathy allopathy has already waved the white flag.

Let’s talk about the Ayurvedic aspect of IgA nephropathy. Ayurveda comprises of herbs that help the body to overcome any disease naturally with no side effects. It helps you to understand the disease and treat it from the cellular level. Herbs in Ayurveda holds the medicinal quality that will help you in treating IgA nephropathy. It rejuvenates the damaged cells of the kidneys. Many Ayurvedic guidelines can work wonders for your disease if followed efficiently. IgA nephropathy Ayurvedic kidney care treatment involves a light exercise for the patient. It suggests some dietary changes that are the major source of hindrance in the disease.

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