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Kidney Related Questions

Karma Ayurveda provides complete herbal and natural treatment to all of its kidney patients.

Yes, Ayurvedic treatment is completely safe as it is purely natural. The herbs and organic supplements that we provide in the treatment have no side-effects

If you are on dialysis you may continue so during the initial days of treatment, but as the treatment advances your creatinine will naturally improve and you can stop dialysis.

A patient can continue with his allopathic medicines along with herbal medicines initially. However, a patient should follow the guidelines provided by the Ayurvedic medicines properly.

Ayurvedic medicines are harmless if taken with proper guidelines and the course should be completed as the physician advises. There are no major side-effects seem

Ayurveda is an ancient concept and very much different from the modern medical practices. Ayurvedic treatment is slow and one has to keep patience as it is focused on treating the complete condition rather just siding it temporarily.

General Questions

Some prolonged illness such as diabetes, hypertension, genetic disorder or intake of certain medicines for a long time can harm the kidneys

The symptoms are not visible in the starting stage. The progression of the disease can be seen by the signs such as nausea, muscle cramps, swelling, flank pain, itchiness in the skin and many more.

It can happen almost in all age groups such as in unborn or small children, adults, and middle-aged and old people. However, it is more commonly seen in people with age group 40-60.

Yes, the food we eat has a direct effect on kidneys as high protein and sodium can harm the kidneys adversely. So a healthy kidney-friendly diet is necessary for patients

Ayurveda has proven to cure advanced stages of kidney disease with its diuretic herbs and tested techniques since ancient times. You can read our testimonials for the same

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Articles Published

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