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About Ayurvedic Kidney Treatment Hospital and Kidney Specialist Nephrologist Doctor Puneet Dhawan

Good health is the groundwork for all your happiness and success. When it comes to your health, there should be no, if, or but, as it is the only asset you own throughout life. Your health makes a balance between you and your environment. The environment reciprocates the way you feel inside.

The human body consists of different organs with individual significance. The kidney’s importance is nothing masked and neither the deadly problems associated with it. Kidney problems gradually affect your organ and turn it into an inappropriate companion of the body. Your kidneys may lose their capacity in many ways. We call it Kidney Diseases.

As a student, we have learned about the basic filtration functioning of our kidneys, and we never tried learning further.

Ayurvedic kidney care is a platform that takes your understanding of your body to a level from where you can nurture your body in the best way possible. Here you get to know about all kinds of issues that can damage your kidneys.

Who are we?

Ayurvedic kidney care is an Ayurvedic space in this modern world where allopathy has taken over the treatments by storm. It is a website that aims to make people aware of the benefits of Ayurveda in the treatment of kidneys. It specializes in information on all kinds of kidney-related problems with an assured outcome. An Ayurvedic firm that focuses more on the elimination of the root cause of kidney disease rather than just treating the symptoms.

Ayurvedic kidney care is not only educating people about kidney problems but also working hard to promote our native treatment process, Ayurveda. Here, you can find detailed information about the six different types of kidney problems.

With the guarantee of Ayurveda, our hospital Ayurveda promises the long-lasting solution for your health of the kidneys.

As an Ayurveda multispecialty hospital and wellness center, we continuously welcome the troubles and obstacles you face with your kidney’s health and strive to solve it with all our heart and soul.

This place offers a comprehensive set of classical ayurvedic kidney failure treatments and therapies. All the medicines provided here are under the guidance of an Ayurvedic kidney specialist Dr. Puneet Dhawan and our highly trained staff in a spirit of caring, nurturing, and loving service. Unlike other Ayurvedic centres that claim to provide Ayurvedic treatment for kidney disease, Ayurveda emphasizes the traditional and authentic practice of Ayurveda based on the classical scriptures. Thereby, the legacy of the Ayurvedic tradition is kept alive. It brings out the best results for the patients.

The holistic kidney failure treatments we are providing are both safe as well as effective. It integrates traditional Ayurvedic treatments that consist of external therapies, diet, lifestyle modifications, and detox procedures. Many people believe that this place is the best and most authentic center to get yourself treated with a touch of nature.

We appreciate the feedback you give to us and take it as a challenge to improve our quality of service.


What services do we offer?

We are providing people with Ayurvedic kidney care for all the problems that damage the kidneys and do not let it perform its function. We are giving our best service for the mentioned kidney disease.


Chronic kidney disease

It is the gradual loss of kidney function over time. It is a kind of damage to kidneys that stays for long. Sometimes the kidney may stop working and can cause end-stage kidney failure in the patient. Ayurvedic kidney cure educates you about all aspects of this disease, from its meaning to the Ayurvedic diet.


Acute kidney disease

In the condition of acute kidney failure, the kidneys stop working suddenly. It causes the waste to get stockpiled in your kidneys. It makes them lose their filtration capacity. Ayurvedic kidney care is a platform where you can learn everything related to this disease.


Polycystic kidney disease

It is the result of the flaws in genes. A person may develop cysts in the kidneys in a genetic disorder. This website helps you with the relevant information about the disease, and our hospital provides the best Ayurvedic medicines for all the kidney disease types mentioned here.


Nephrotic syndrome disease

A group of symptoms shows the unhealthy condition of kidney disease. It can be seen when all the symptoms of kidney problems come together. Like any other kidney disease, it also damages your kidneys. Ayurvedic kidney care provides you with information related to it. No doubt, this is a platform where you will get to know everything you ever needed to know about your kidneys.



Proteinuria is a condition of excess protein in the urine. It may lead to severe problems and may cause kidney failure.


How are we different from others?

Ayurvedic Kidney care is a rich medium of information to all the diet, lifestyle, and other changes associated with all your kidney problems. The health counselors here are in your service whole-heartedly to assist you with the diet, lifestyle changes, and additional related information at your convenience 24/7. Kidney disease treatment is not just a service to us but our рlеаsure and рrіvіlеgе to show уоu the wау and let you live а better life.


Our mission

We aim to provide solutions that restore a system of living a balanced life. We are working in a direction where there is no need for dialysis and transplant to make yourself disease free because not everyone is rich enough for all these treatments, and every human has a right to live healthy despite their economic status.


Our vision

We aspire to make more and more people kidney disease-free in the future. For us, success means the elimination of transplant and dialysis and a strong belief of people in Ayurveda.


Our values

We are committed to continuously enhance the methods of treatments in the most natural way possible, and proceeding with excellence, challenging modern treatment methods. Also, maintaining transparency, we are bestowing with the best we can.


Call to action

If you were searching for an option that was going to help you with the core treatment of kidney-related problems, then Ayurvedic kidney care is all you need. Call now and book your appointment to get rid of all your kidney issues. We are in your service.

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