Ayurvedic kidney Care Hospital- A foremost name in providing the best Ayurvedic kidney treatment

Ayurvedic kidney center imagines a healthy world where people can enjoy a higher quality of life. To make this dream come true, we have taken the initiative to provide a better, safer and economical treatment to the most severe health problems, kidney problems. Earlier, we provided treatment for several health problems, but with passing time, our focus shifted to kidney problems by seeing a constant increase in kidney disease cases. We put our mind and soul into unleashing the best Ayurvedic ways to combat and cure kidney problems naturally. With our years of dedicated research and testing, we have gained specialization in providing the best Ayurvedic kidney disease treatment for several kidney problems adhering to Ayurvedic methodology and healing way. In general, the conventional healing method utilizes some medicines, mainly with dialysis and kidney transplant- modern therapies used in kidney disease treatment. There is a massive scarcity of these modern healing procedures, and therefore, they are expensive. Due to the lack of treatment facilities, many kidney patients die every year, and a high rise in kidney patients’ cases can be seen every year. So, kidney diseases have emerged as a global calamity in the last few years. Amidst the scenario, we emerged as a ray of hope for kidney patients as we have gained good know-how to cure kidney patients using Ayurvedic methodology and therapies. With our relentless quality service, devotion, and zeal to cure more and more kidney patients, Ayurvedic kidney care expert Hospital has become a renowned name in providing ayurvedic kidney treatment without dialysis in India.

Why choose us?

Since our foundation in the year 1937, we never looked back and have always tried to match the healthcare sector’s pace; it has helped us stand out from our competitors in the market. The head-person of this Ayurvedic kidney hospital has been altering, but our motive to serve humanity never changed. Unlike our competitors, our main focus has been serving patients with nothing less than the best cure. Therefore, we have held the flag to provide kidney patients with better cure without putting any extra burden on their pocket. This trait has helped us emerged as a reliable and renowned. 

Being a leading name in the kidney cure and care realm, Ayurvedic Kidney Expert Hospital is committed to providing a lasting and risk-free kidney treatment without dialysis in India and worldwide. Our treatment mainly includes herbal medications, some irregular therapies, a personalized diet, and a few necessary lifestyle modifications. Consequently, Ayurvedic kidney disease treatment by specialist which is entirely risk-free and cures kidney disease naturally. Using these natural practices, we have helped thousands of patients gain their natural kidneys’ health and enjoy a normal and healthy life again.

How have we gained a family of 1 lakh+ happy kidney patients?

Due to our relentless work and zeal to help people who live a miserable life due to diseased or damaged kidneys, we have covered a long way in the healthcare sector and have been succeeded in curing over 1 lakh of kidney patients. With our spreading goodwill in the market, more and more people suffering from kidney diseases are coming to us for the sake of a healthy and better quality of life.

The center does not consider the overall number of patients it has cured but prioritizes every patient’s life and, therefore, tries to bring forth the best and a personalized natural cure. Rather than making money, we like to see the smile on our patients’ faces as their smile is the real reward and motivates us to do better every time. Kidney Expert Hospital has emerged as a reliable and reputed name in providing best-in-class Ayurvedic kidney disease treatment with a balance of work-ethics and humanity.

Adherence to Ayurvedic Treatment

Here at this ayurvedic kidney hospital, we stick to Ayurveda and, therefore, follow only Ayurveda’s healing path to cure kidney problems. In other words, our ayurvedic kidney disease treatment is adhering to Ayurveda’s way of healing, and therefore we have cured thousands of kidney patients successfully. Take a look at some primary aspects of the Ayurvedic kidney disease treatment we incorporate in our ayurvedic kidney disease treatment.

Herbal medications

Natural herbs or herbal medicines are the main attraction of Ayurvedic treatment. These medicines generally comprise of natural extracts of plants, animals, and other natural resources. During their preparation process, the environmental condition is primarily kept in mind as unpleasant environmental factors can deteriorate the herbs’ efficacy. Along with this factor, many other such aspects are taken into consideration to maintain the herbs’ effectiveness for a long time.

Natural healing therapies

In order to stay at the peak of health, some natural therapies have been practiced for thousands of years. The sages developed such therapies, and they also wrote them in books to keep the record. Those books are known as Vedas these days. Due to the deep understanding of the human body, these therapies were developed accordingly and have been practicing since ancient times. These therapies are used to stimulate body core functions and work as an add-on to the treatment process. Therefore, similar to natural herbs, healing therapies also play a significant role in healing.

A customized diet plan

Diet has its importance in our overall health. Whatever we intake has a significant impact on our health and defines whether you’ll stay healthy or be surrounded by health issues. Ayurveda understands it, and therefore, it plans a customized diet for the patients as per their health condition. So, diet is an indispensable part of Ayurvedic treatment for severe health problems. In kidney problems, the same principle applies, and therefore, we prepare a customized diet chart after an in-depth health analysis of the patients.

Changes in lifestyle or routine

The way of living or our lifestyle has its significance on our physical, mental, and spiritual health. If you follow a holistic lifestyle, you can stay healthy longer throughout your life. These days, people are running blindly towards modernization and therefore developing habits that lead to slow metabolism, weak immune system, and eventually affects overall body functions, including kidney functions. We are well-versed with this fact; therefore, suggest kidney patients make certain alterations in their lifestyle so that they can recover fast and enjoy a healthy life afterward.

With a personalized grouping of these ancient healing methods, Dr. Puneet Dhawan– an expert Ayurveda doctor for kidney, brings a positive change in kidney patients’ lives and helping them enjoy a complication-free, healthier and normal life again.

Dr. Puneet Dhawan
(Kidney Specialist Doctor, Karma Ayurveda)

Dr. Puneet Dhawan is a well-known Ayurveda specialist who has acquired vast experience in the field of kidney disease treatment. Based out in Delhi, India, Dr. Puneet Dhawan is leading this ayurvedic kidney care organization effectively from the front. He is from the fifth generation of the Dhawan family engaged in Ayurveda and kidney disease cure. He has treated numerous patients by applying his insight into Ayurveda and compiling it with conventional healing practices; Dr. Puneet Dhawan has helped thousands of kidney patients gain their natural kidney health back.

He has completed his B.A.M.S. in Ayurveda from a renowned college in India and is currently running a confided brand with victories. He offers the most secure and effective regular strategies for treating almost every kidney problem. As seen on numerous TVs, Dr. Puneet Dhawan is against kidney transplant, dialysis, and allopathic medicines. He has an aim to "Stop Kidney Dialysis” which reflects in his treatment. He had won many accolades and worldwide honors. With his immense experience and deep knowledge of Ayurveda for kidney illness treatment, he has been changing the lives of uncountable kidney patients without putting any additional pressure on their pockets.

Our specialization

With several decades of active involvement in the healthcare sector, especially kidney care and cure, Karma Ayurveda has acquired expertise in curing all sorts of kidney problems with the healing power of Ayurveda. Our Ayurvedic kidney treatment package completely adheres to natural cures and cares, which makes this natural treatment risk-free and safe. Some Yoga poses, breathing exercises, and also a personalized diet plan have been key attractions of our kidney disease cure. We also pick and through any unhealthy lifestyle habits from the patients’ lives to help them live a healthy life for longer.

Using the above-mentioned healing methodology, we have been succeeded in helping thousands of kidney patients to regain their normal kidney health and functionality. That’s what makes Karma Ayurveda stand out from others!

Chronic Kidney Disease

A slow and progressive deterioration of kidney functions is mainly linked to chronic kidney disease. The problem may occur for several reasons; uncontrolled diabetes and high blood pressure are two topmost causes of chronic kidney. If a CKD patient misses the right treatment, he may develop end-stage renal failure or kidney failure, which is fatal to life. The approach to the treatment for the handling of Chronic Kidney Disease as per Ayurveda is swedana, virechana, raktaprasadaka, Agni deepana,mutrapravartaka, and Sarva dhathu poshaka, also with rigid pathya- apathyas.

Chronic Kidney Dіsеаsе

Polycystic Kidney Disease

A hereditary problem that causes multiple cysts to grow in kidneys and eventually damaging kidney tissues. This health problem arises due to gene mutation from one generation to the next. If it’s not cured, it can lead to kidney failure.

Polycystic Kidney Disease

Acute Kidney Disease

A sudden loss of kidney functions is known as acute kidney disease. This problem may occur within months, weeks, or sometimes in a few days. Acute kidney disease requires a right and timely treatment to prevent irreversible loss to kidneys’ health.

Acute Kidney Disease

Nephrotic Syndrome

A group of health problems that occurs due to damage in clusters of blood vessels in the kidneys; the condition is given the name of Nephrotic Syndrome. This disease is mainly characterized by excessive protein leakage in urine, increased albumin in urine, high cholesterol and body fat levels, and abnormal fluid retention in the body.

Nephrotic Syndrome

Creatinine Treatment

Creatinine is a natural body waste that needs to be appropriately eliminated from the blood. An increased level of creatinine in the blood can put pressure on kidneys and makes them weak. Normalization of serum creatinine level is necessary for smooth kidney functionality.

Chronic Kidney Dіsеаsе

Proteinuria Treatment

An excessive loss of protein in urine from the blood is known as proteinuria. At this health phase, a person loses necessary albumin from the blood into the urine, resulting in face puffiness, body swelling, lasting weakness, fatigue, etc. Identifying the cause of protein loss and curing it helps normalize protein levels.

Chronic Kidney Dіsеаsе

Do we take the help of conventional healing programs in our kidney cure program?

Being a pioneering ayurvedic kidney hospital, we neither advocate using conventional healing programs, mainly dialysis, and kidney transplant, nor take their help in our treatment.

Whenever it comes to kidney disease cure, dialysis is the first name that comes into most people’s minds. The reason is, it is overhyped in the market so that the organizations that are into manufacturing, supplying, or distributing equipment used in dialysis can make a good profit. It’s not as effective as it is presented if it comes to dialysis’s effectiveness on the ground level.

Dialysis is a procedure that carries out removing wastes, toxins, and other impurities from the blood using equipment placed outside of the body. Though it helps remove wastes from the blood, it also separates essential substances from the blood that’s harmful to the body. So, there are many dreadful side-effects of this treatment. As far as a kidney transplant is concerned, it’s a surgical way to place a healthy kidney in a patient’s body. This procedure is too complicated, and therefore, a patient is at a higher risk of developing severe health complications such as infection. Sometimes, it is seen that many kidney patients lose their lives when they are on these conventional healing procedures. Thus, we can say that conventional healing methodology and procedures are too risky to choose, and that’s what we also suggest to all kidney patients.

Find Out Near You & Me Best Ayurvedic Hospital for Kidney Treatment Without Dialysis in India

Here at Kidney Expert Hospital, every healing step is adhering to Ayurvedic principles. In other words, we follow ancient healing methods that are free from any side-effects and hazards. These methods help stimulate overall body efficiency by eradicating any condition or factor, causing obstruction in natural body functioning.

Therefore, the body’s overall functionality gets boosted, and the body starts protecting itself from health problems and heals itself better. We are well-versed with Ayurvedic methodology and healing techniques that help cure a kidney problem naturally and have no side-effects.

Let Kidney Expert Hospital helps you get your natural kidneys’ health by using kidney treatment without dialysis in India.

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What Our Patients Say

I am Amandeep Bora (40yrs) a working mom having 2 kids. 2017 was disastrous for me when I was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) which was at Stage 3 as per the doctors. The daily cycle of doctors and medicines started which ended with dialysis twice a week with my condition not improving at all, I have to leave my job. Karma Ayurveda brought hope for me as I was able to improve my condition within 6 months of the treatment. I am still taking treatment and have joined my job. I am forever indebted to Karma Ayurveda

Amandeep Bora

Hi, I am Karan Patel (32yrs) was working in Ontario, Canada when I was diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome. There was little that doctors were able to do there, so I merely existed on dialysis and medicines. I thought I will forever be stuck in this vicious cycle, but that’s when my parent living in Delhi suggested me start the Ayurvedic medicine course from karma Ayurveda. They sent me medicines and guided me all the way, its now a miracle that my dialysis has come to once a month, regained my fitness and have resumed to my normal life. All thanks to Karma Ayurveda

Karan Patel

My mother Aarti Shukla (45years) was suffering from CKD since 2 years now, we have tried all types of treatment from big hospitals like AIIMS and Fortis but her condition was deteriorating day by day. She was also on dialysis with the frequency of thrice a week which was of no use as her creatinine remained at 10. But, after switching to Ayurvedic treatment from Karma Ayurveda on the suggestion of a friend, her life was saved. Now after 6 months her GFR improved and she is leading a healthy life.

Aarti Shukla

I am 15 years old and get diagnosed with chronic kidneydisease. I got a certification of stage 5 CKD from the allopathic doctor. All my family members with mehad loosed hope and were thinking to get my kidney transplant done. I found that I need to be ondialysis for the whole life. Then my father got to know about Ayurvedic treatment for kidney diseaseprovided by Dr. Puneet Dhawan and got me here. Within 2 months of getting ayurvedic treatment fromKarma Ayurveda, I found my body changed in a new way. Now I can play with my friends and can takepart in different competitions in my school. I am very thankful to Dr. Puneet Dhawan for providingkidney treatment without dialysis.


I am William stew, age 45 years. I belong to UK. Last year I was diagnosed with the problem of stage 3 chronic kidney disease. I witnessed some symptoms like swelled eyes, breathlessness, and inability to conduct my routine work. My doctors suggested me to take up dialysis, as my stage was progressing really fast. I had heard about Karma Ayurveda from my really close friend. I took no time to consult Dr. Puneet Dhawan and adopted a 3 month course of ayurvedic medicines. I noticed a great improvement in my health and felt fitter than before.

William Stew

Hello! My name is Vaibhavi Sinha. I am 30 years old and 2 months pregnant. During my regular checkup I was diagnosed with a kidney infection. My concern took me to Karma Ayurveda as they offer the safest kidney treatment. It’s been 15 days that I have taken their ayurvedic medicines. Now in my recent test reports, I don’t see such problem and even my baby is healthy. Thank you Karma Ayurveda

Vaibhavi Sinha

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Articles Published