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How to Stop Kidney Dialysis

How to Stop Kidney Dialysis? Causes and Symptoms of Kidney Disease & Diet – Dr. Puneet Dhawan.


You can find every second person age above 40 years, suffering from one or the other kidney problem. It is very difficult to detect kidney problems in initial stages as it is only in later stages that we can point out the symptoms. The main job of the kidneys is to balance the metabolic activities in the body by filtering the waste. In case, any of the kidneys fail to carry out this function it can lead to kidney disease.  

Causes and Symptoms of Kidney Disease

The most common causes of kidney disease are diabetes, high blood pressure, blood-sugar level, kidney stones, hypertension and high creatinine level in the body. Most people suffering from these diseases are likely to suffer from kidney problems.

The most dangerous aspect of a kidney disease symptom is that it is only visible in later stages:

  • Feeling vomiting and nausea almost all the time
  • A frequent urge to urinate
  • A change in color of the urine as it becomes darker in color
  • Forming foam in the urine
  • Swelling in body parts such as around eyes, ankles, feet, and hands
  • Feeling tired or short of breath most of the time
  • Feeling muscle cramps
  • Dry and itchy skin
  • Losing or gaining weight

How to Stop Kidney Dialysis?

If you notice any of the above symptoms, you possibly need an immediate treatment. Usually, in the last stages of the kidney failure, people opt to have dialysis or a kidney transplant. In dialysis, an artificial machine outside the body is used to filter the waste through pipes to prevent any further accumulation of toxic waste inside the body. One can prevent kidney dialysis by opting for Ayurvedic treatment along with following a healthy lifestyle.

Diet Plan for Kidney Patient

A kidney patient must follow a special diet to avoid any further damage in the body. Lower intake of sodium, protein, potassium and phosphate in the meal helps the kidneys to filter the waste more easily. One must consume an abundant amount of water for easy passing of urine. One must also consult a physician for consuming the right amount of vitamins D, minerals and calcium. One should add on fresh vegetable stew and fruits to their meal. Including fiber food in your diet provides nutrients that are easier to filter by the kidneys.

How to Prevent Kidney Disease from Getting Worse? ​​​​​​

Some of the cases of kidney diseases are treatable and can be reversed. Ayurveda has proved successful in curing all such kinds of physical ailments. Ayurvedic medicines used in the treatment are made up of unrefined herb and organic plants. Ayurveda lays emphasis on three doshas namely Pitta, Kapha and Vata. Any kind of blockage in any of these channels is the main reason of illness.

Popular Ayurvedic Clinic For Kidney Failure Treatment

One of the leading centers of Ayurveda is Karma Ayurveda. It was established in 1937 and has treated many kidney and liver patients. It is working under the guidance of Dr. Puneet Dhawan. He is one of the most respected names in Ayurveda practitioners. He does not support allopathic practice and only believes in natural methods of treatment. Ayurveda can revive the kidney cells and bring it back to health.

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