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Renal function test interpretation

Renal Function Test Interpretation, Ayurvedic Kidney Care - Dr. Puneet Dhawan


Treatment of kidney disease depends on the type and stage of the kidney problem, the original cause, and the duration of the disease. Kidney infections can be treated with antibiotics if the infection is caused by bacteria. Inflammation due to an immune reaction is more difficult to treat. These work only in some types of nephritis or inflammation of the kidneys. Some people have to eat less salt and protein until the kidney can remove these substances from the blood properly. Taking a diuretic medication to make the body excrete more water and salt can also help control the swelling associated with kidney disease.  “Renal function test interpretation

A kidney failure, treating the underlying cause will often return kidney function to normal. In almost all cases of kidney failure, it is very important for high blood pressure to be treated aggressively to prevent further damage from occurring and to delay the progression of the disease. “Renal function test interpretation”

Kidney diet

During the recovery from kidney failure, one may recommend a special diet to help support the kidneys and limit the work they must do. Depending on the situation, the dietitian may recommend certain guidelines, such as:

  • Choose lower potassium foods such as. apples, cabbage, green beans, grapes, and strawberries and avoid high potassium food such as bananas, oranges, potatoes, spinach, and tomatoes
  • Avoid the products with added salt and lower the amount of sodium consumed daily. Avoiding products with added salt, including many convenience foods, such as frozen dinners, canned soups and fast foods. Other foods with added salt include salty snack foods, canned vegetables, and processed meats and cheeses.
  • Limit phosphorus intake. It’s a mineral found in foods such as milk, cheese, dried beans, nuts and peanut butter. Too much phosphorus in the blood can weaken the bones and cause skin itchiness “Kidney Disease Treatment In Ayurveda

Allopathic treatment

Some of the common solutions that patients take in the later stages are dialysis and kidney transplant. Dialysis is a treatment in which artificial machine is used as an alternative to kidney function when they are not able to perform the regular functions. There are mainly two types of dialysis namely hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. A kidney transplant is done when the kidneys completely stop working. However, both of the treatment doesn’t provide a permanent solution to the kidney problem. “Renal function test interpretation”

Ayurvedic cure for renal dysfunction

Ayurveda is one of the finest treatments and is highly effective. Such treatment makes use of natural herbs and organic supplements. These herbs are free from the side effects and restrict kidneys from further damage. “Renal function test interpretation”

Dr. Puneet Dhawan an eminent Ayurveda physician is treating kidney patients from all over the world at Karma Ayurveda. He rejects the idea of kidney transplant and dialysis and only uses natural techniques to treat his patients. The center has a high rate of successful treatments from all parts of the world. “Renal function test interpretation” “ayurvedic kidney problem treatment clinic

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