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Healthy Diet Plan For Kidney Disease, Kidney Failure Treatment - Dr. Puneet Dhawan.


Kidneys are a pair of bean shaped organs that are vital to the overall health of the body. The main job of the kidneys is to filter the extra fluid, waste products and toxins from the body. In addition to this, they also help in regulating blood pressure, red blood cell and acids metabolism. Middle and old age people are more prone to kidney problems. Usually, these diseases are more common in people suffering from diabetes and high blood-sugar level. Healthy Diet Plan for Kidney Disease is one of the prime preventive measures.

Kidney disease patients have certain signs and symptoms that are commonly visible in the later stages, such as:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Tiredness and fatigue
  • Swelling in parts of body like hands and knees
  • Change in color and texture of urine
  • Back ache and muscle cramps

As the above symptoms prevail for long, it can indicate a dangerous condition and may need a quick Kidney failure treatment. It is better to get diagnosed to confirm the situation and then start immediate treatment. It is important to have Healthy Diet Plan for Kidney Disease patients. Kidney-friendly meal plan can help in gaining back your health and put less stress on kidneys.

  • If you maintain a healthy weight and a have a balanced diet that is low in salt and fats can help in controlling your blood pressure.
  • A diabetic patient should control the blood sugar level by carefully choosing what to eat.
  • You must adjust the intake of calories in your diet as the right amount of calories can help in balancing your weight.
  • The amount of protein should be limited as having too much protein can be hard for the kidneys to filter. High protein food should be replaced with low protein food such as bread, fruits, vegetables, pasta and rice.
  • Carbohydrate and fat intake should be balanced as they have high potassium and phosphorus content.
  • Sodium is almost present in all foods and can result in swelling and raise your blood pressure. Try to avoid processed food as it contains more sodium content.
  • One should eat a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • Abundant amount of water intake can help in the easy passing of urine.
  • Avoid drinking beverages like coffee, tea and alcohol.

Follow above natural healthy diet plan for kidney disease treatment.

Following a kidney diet can help in maintaining the blood sugar level and prevent any further damage to your kidneys. Dr. Puneet Dhawan is an experienced physician and can guide you with a planned diet. He is an Ayurveda expert and has treated many kidney and liver patients successfully. A healthy kidney diet along with Ayurvedic medicines can revive your kidneys and rejuvenate them.

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