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Diet for Kidney Patients on Kidney Dialysis

Diet for Kidney Patients on Kidney Dialysis, and Ayurvedic treatment – Dr. Puneet Dhawan.


Kidneys are a pair of important organs that perform the variety of functions. Main functions are:-

  • Excretion of waste products, toxins, excess salts, and urea from the body
  • Balancing the water levels in the body
  • Regulating the blood pressure
  • Reducing the red blood cells production
  • Regulating acids in the body

Kidney disease develops and progresses very slowly as the symptoms appear very late. In the later stages kidneys are mostly damaged so most people go for kidney transplant and dialysis. There is also a particular diet for Kidney patients on dialysis that one needs to follow.

What is Kidney dialysis?

Dialysis is a kidney procedure that substitutes many of the normal duties of the kidneys. It is an artificial way to remove the waste products and extra fluids from your blood when your kidneys can no longer function properly. A dialysis in such a condition also helps in maintaining the acid-base balance. The major drawback of this treatment is that it doesn’t correct the endocrine functions of the kidney. It may not guarantee a permanent solution and is not an affordable option for all patients.

There is a particular diet for Kidney patients on dialysis that is necessary to follow. The key points that one needs to keep in mind are:

  • Eat more high protein foods
  • Eat less high salts, high potassium and high phosphorus foods
  • Limit the intake of fluids such as coffee, tea and alcohol
  • One should consume fresh food as they contain less salt and rather go for herbs, spices and low flavor enhancer.
  • One should avoid salt substitutes in place of potassium
  • Low protein foods are necessary for dialysis patients as it can improve the health.
  • Grains, cereals and bread can act as a good source of calories
  • One should balance the cholesterol level and limit the high-fat foods.
  • Vegetables and salads should be included in the diet

Ayurveda acts as an alternative to any kind of dialysis or allopathic treatment. The herbal medicines help in healing the kidneys without any side-effects. There are very common herbs that are extensively used in making these medicines such as Rakt Chandan, Palaash, Varun, Gokshur, Punarnava and Kaasni. These herbs have healing qualities and mainly lower down the symptoms of the kidney failure. They stop the further damage of the kidneys and decrease the frequency of dialysis. Ayurvedic medicines correct the albuminuria and serum creatinine value which indirectly improves the renal function.

Karma Ayurveda is one of the leading brands of wholesome Ayurveda clinic. It was established in 1937 and has been treating endless cases of kidney and liver patients. It is working under the guidance of Dr. Puneet Dhawan who is an eminent Ayurveda physician. He doesn’t believe in treatments like dialysis and kidney transplant. He only practices natural methods and herbs for curing his patients. He is well respected and has treated millions of patients around the globe. Ayurveda along with a planned diet for Kidney patients on dialysis can help in naturally reviving the kidneys.

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