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Chronic Kidney Disease Treatments

Chronic Kidney Disease Treatments, Ayurvedic Kidney Care – Dr. Puneet Dhawan.


There are mainly two primary types of kidney failure among people. The first is called "acute renal failure" as it occurs fairly suddenly. The second type of disease is more insidious and occurs over a time period and hence is called "chronic renal failure". The treatment for both types of renal failure should be immediate and its impact increases with the stages.  The most common treatment is dialysis and kidney transplant along with a prolonged intake of medicines. Chronic Kidney Disease Treatments, Ayurvedic Kidney Care.


There are certain common causes that lead to chronic kidney diseases such as the sudden loss of blood flow to the kidneys such as seen in trauma, physical injury to kidneys, surgery, septic shock, heavy bleeding, burns or acute dehydration. Bladder infections can also be one of the major reasons for kidney failure. More rarely, diseases such as polycystic and nephrotic syndrome can cause this disease.

A sudden blockage of the kidneys can lead to kidney failure same like the autoimmune diseases and other conditions that clot the small blood vessels of the kidneys. There are other conditions such as having a transfusion reaction, having a severe problem of high blood pressure, scleroderma or bleeding disorders of pregnancy like an abrupted placenta. Chronic Kidney Disease Treatments, Ayurvedic Kidney Care​​​​​​.

Signs and symptoms

There are many signs that are visible among kidney patients in the later stages of kidney disease. Some of the common signs are nausea, swelling in hands and feet, muscle cramps and twitches, loss of weight, a decrease in appetite, dry and itchy skin, feeling confused, frequent urination, poor urine output, hypertension, high blood pressure. “Chronic Kidney Disease Treatments, Ayurvedic Kidney Care”.

Diagnostic reports

If the above symptoms prevail for long, one should go for immediate lab tests. There are certain diagnostic tests that patient need to take such as:

  • Blood tests- Diagnosis of kidney failure can be confirmed by blood tests such as the BUN, creatinine, and GFR; that measure the buildup of waste products in the blood.
  • Urine tests- It may be ordered to measure the amount of protein, detect the presence of abnormal cells and the concentration of electrolytes
  • Other tests include the diagnosis of the type of kidney failures such as abdominal ultrasound and kidney biopsy

Chronic Kidney Disease Treatments, Ayurvedic Kidney Care​​​​​​.

Common treatment

People mainly take dialysis or kidney transplant in their later stages of kidney disease. Dialysis is an artificial treatment for filtering the waste and excess fluid from the blood. A Kidney transplant takes place when the kidneys completely fail to perform the normal functions. However, these solutions are not a permanent treatment and the person may still face kidney disease in future. “Chronic Kidney Disease Treatments, Ayurvedic Kidney Care”.

How can Ayurveda cure chronic kidney disease?

Ayurveda is an ancient science of healing chronic disease with the use of complete unrefined herbs and organic supplements. The center is headed by Dr. Puneet Dhawan who is an eminent Ayurveda practitioner in the field of Ayurveda. The center provides kidney disease treatment to patients with 100% natural and herbal methods. They have 100% success rate for treating kidney patients from all parts of the world. “Chronic Kidney Disease Treatments, Ayurvedic Kidney Care”.

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