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Chronic kidney disease stage 5

Chronic kidney disease stage 5, Symptoms, Diet Plan And Ayurvedic Treatment - Dr. Puneet Dhawan.


Chronic kidney disease is a condition if detected in early stages can be cured but, in later stages, it can prove to be fatal to your life. Kidneys in our body are mainly responsible for the regulation of the waste. It is common in people with diabetic and high blood-sugar level patients to get kidney problems. However, chronic kidney disease stage 5 is the highest stage in which kidney loses nearly all of its ability to do the job effectively. The Glomerular filtration rate drops down to 15ml/min. In this stage, it is almost impossible to revive kidneys and some patients are on dialysis already.

Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 5 Symptoms And Ayurvedic Treatment.

As the kidney disease is at its most advanced stage, one experiences many symptoms. Usually, the patient suffers from loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting, headaches, skin problems like itching and pigmentation, passing little or no urine, swelling of the body parts, cramps in muscles and change in the color of urine. Sometimes, the urine may also be of red color with the mixing of blood in it. Most of the people in this condition are on dialysis or other allopathic treatment. If you are not taking any treatment for chronic kidney disease stage 5, then you must immediately see an experienced physician for the kidney.

Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 5 Symptoms And Diet Plan

At chronic kidney disease stage 5, the health of the patient is very vulnerable and it is better to take a customized diet. There is a proper diet chart that kidney patients at this stage must follow as consuming natural food can help in strengthening your kidneys. Kidney diet is necessary to rebuild the system by giving them sufficient rest. Consuming food like fresh vegetables, fruits, cereals, fiber rich food, detoxifies and cleanses your system. It is important to intake moderate amount of protein and fat products. You must consume fruits with an abundant amount of water for increasing the water level in the body. You should keep your cholesterol level in check and intake less amount of salt in the diet. Processed, cane food, alcohol and smoking must be completely avoided.

Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 5 and Ayurvedic Treatment

Patients with chronic kidney disease stage 5 are mainly on dialysis. The artificial kidney does help in the easy passing of waste from the body but, it also removes the amino acid which is needed by the body. So, in such a case Ayurveda has proven to be far better than any allopathic treatment. However, it is important to start the Ayurvedic treatment in the early stages of kidney disease. Ayurveda is successful in curing almost all types of health problem with 100% natural herbs.

Diet and Ayurvedic Treatment For Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 5

Ayurvedic treatment along with proper diet can completely revive the kidney cells back to perfect health. Karma Ayurveda is a respectable name in the pharmaceutical industry. This wholesome clinic has been curing kidneys patients since 1937. It is working and growing under the guardianship of Dr. Puneet Dhawan. He is a prominent Ayurveda practitioner and has cured thousands of patients across the world. He believes in practicing only organic and natural treatment for curing his patients.

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