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Can You Stop Kidney Dialysis Once You Start

Can You Stop Kidney Dialysis Once You Start?, Karma Ayurveda – Dr. Puneet Dhawan.


Kidney disease

There is a sudden increase in the rise of cases of kidney failures in old and even young people. The functions of the kidney can be impaired due to reasons like infections, tumors, kidney stone formation, circulatory disorders and much more. Kidney failure is a serious condition in which nephrons stops functioning and kidney is unable to cleanse the blood, thus increasing the level of uremia in blood. These conditions lead to patient suffer from fatigue, insomnia, nausea, anemia and other physical discomforts. Can You Stop Kidney Dialysis Once You Start.

Causes and symptoms

There are many reasons that can lead to kidney disease among middle and old age patients. The most common are hypertension or high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes. Other reasons such as physical injury to kidneys, cancer or tumor, nephrotic syndrome, polycystic kidney disease and genetic disorder can be some of the causes of kidney disease.

The most common signs and symptoms of kidney damage is nausea, change in the color of urine, lethargy, muscle cramps and twitches, blood in urine, frequent urge to urinate, loss in appetite, abnormal weight loss or weight gain and headaches. Can You Stop Kidney Dialysis Once You Start”.

This is where a patient needs to go for kidney dialysis. What exactly is kidney dialysis?

It is a kind of machine that works as an artificial kidney in place of the diseased kidney. A plastic tube is surgically inserted into both artery and veins of the patient’s arm or leg, and then it makes a circuit connecting to the plastic tubing from the kidney machine. Kidney dialysis is a life-saving treatment for patients with kidney failure.

People on dialysis often take quite a few medications and the timing of when they’re taken truly matters. For instance, you may be prescribed phosphate binders to take when you eat and a renal vitamin that should be taken at night or after your treatment.

The chances that your kidneys will get better depend on what caused the kidney failure. However, dialysis is not a cure and only extends the life of the kidneys. Can You Stop Kidney Dialysis Once You Start”.


Patients on dialysis should focus on the diet which focuses on the right amount of nutrients. While there are certain foods and beverages that one should avoid, it could help you take control of your health and have a better quality of life. High protein and sodium should be strictly limited in the diet. Fresh fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C and fiber should be included in the diet. Smoking, alcohol, aerated drink, and caffeine should be avoided in the diet. “Can You Stop Kidney Dialysis Once You Start”.

Ayurvedic treatment to stop dialysis

Kidneys are proven to be revived through Ayurveda treatment from ancient times. There are certain unrefined herbs that can cure the damaged kidneys. These herbs allow the patients to avoid dialysis during kidney disease. Ayurvedic treatment makes use of herbs that lower down the level of urea and creatinine levels in the blood. The main aim of Ayurveda is to strengthen the kidneys, restore its filtration capacity and other function of the kidneys. “Can You Stop Kidney Dialysis Once You Start”.

Karma Ayurveda is one such center that is providing an alternative solution to dialysis. It was started in New Delhi, India in the year 1937 and since then has been treating kidney patients with complete Ayurveda. It has successfully treated thousands of patients from all parts of the world with its 100% natural medications and techniques. Can You Stop Kidney Dialysis Once You Start”.

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