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Can Kidney Damage Be Reversed?

Can Kidney Damage Be Reversed? Ayurvedic Kidney Care – Dr. Puneet Dhawaan.


Kidney disease

Kidney damage starts long ahead of you become aware of any symptoms. An early indication of kidney damage is when your kidneys seep out small amounts of a protein called albumin into the urine. However, the simple way to identify regarding this seepage is to have your urine tested. “Can Kidney Damage Be Reversed? Ayurvedic Kidney Care”.


A high blood glucose and high blood pressure damage the kidneys' filters. In case the kidneys are damaged, the protein may leak out of the kidneys into the urine. The damaged kidneys may not perform the basic functions like flushing out metabolic waste and extra fluids. Waste and fluids upsurge in your blood in place of leaving the body in urine. Can Kidney Damage Be Reversed? Ayurvedic Kidney Care.

Signs and symptoms

There are many signs and symptoms that are visible in the later stages of kidney disease such as tiredness, fatigue, nausea, sluggish movements, swelling in hands and feet, change in color and smell of the urine, frequent urge to urinate, muscle cramps, twitches, back pain and joint pain. If the above signs are present for a long-term, one must get the problem diagnosed before any further damage. “Can Kidney Damage Be Reversed? Ayurvedic Kidney Care”.


There are certain diagnostic tests that need to be taken for confirming the situation. There is certain test such as a blood-urine test for measuring the level of waste products such as creatinine, urea, and protein in the body. Other tests involve imaging tests such as CT scan, MRI, and ultrasound for the kidneys which shows if there is no structural or outer damage to the kidneys. Can Kidney Damage Be Reversed? Ayurvedic Kidney Care​​​​​​.

Kidney diet

Diet restrictions are an effective treatment measure for this health condition. The aim of such a diet is to reduce waste and fluid buildup in the body. A diet designed for renal problems should include salt and salty foods in limited quantities. Salt increases the amount of fluid the body retains. Reduce the amount of salt used in cooking. The salt in the meals should be substitute with seasoning herbs and lemon. Canned foods, processed meats, sauces, fast foods and salty snacks should be avoided or eaten in smaller quantities as they are rich in sodium. “Can Kidney Damage Be Reversed? Ayurvedic Kidney Care”.

How can Ayurveda help?

Ayurvedic treatment is the ancient science of treating all types of diseases with an herbal approach. There are many unrefined herbs such as Punarnava, Gokshur, Varun, Milk Thistle and Kaasni used in the Ayurvedic medicines. These herbs have no side-effects and are very helpful in reducing kidney disease symptoms.

Karma Ayurveda is one of the finest centers for herbal treatment centers in India. They have been providing Ayurvedic medicines for kidney problems since 1937. The center is currently working under Dr. Puneet Dhawan who is one of the well known Ayurveda practitioners of India. He treats his patients with completely organic and natural herbs. The Ayurvedic medicines provided by Karma Ayurveda are highly effective and have no side-effects. They have successfully treated thousands of kidney patients with their treatment. Can Kidney Damage Be Reversed? Ayurvedic Kidney Care.

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