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Ayurvedic Treatment For Low Creatinine

Causes of low creatinine, Ayurvedic treatment for low creatinine serum – Dr. Puneet Dhawan.


What is creatinine?

Creatinine is a chemical waste product of protein which is a source of amino acid basically made and stored in the liver. Creatinine is created by the normal muscle metabolism. The kidney helps in removing it from the blood in the form of urine. A low creatinine serum can eventually result in kidney problems.

Causes and signs of low creatinine

The symptoms with low creatinine serum may depend upon the underlying condition. There are many reasons that can cause low creatinine levels, such as:

  • Muscular dystrophy is a kind of muscle disease which results in muscle weakness, muscle stiffness and pain and decreased mobility
  • A poor liver function can interfere with creatinine production which can cause low creatinine level. The signs that are visible during kidney disease are abdominal pain, swelling, jaundice and blood in stool
  • There can be excess water loss, pregnancy and excess water intake and medications  
  • Low muscle mass can result in the low level of chemical waste in the body
  • Old people suffer from low muscle mass so as they age it can result in the condition of malnutrition.

Diagnosis of low creatinine serum

A proper diagnosis is necessary for checking the creatinine level. A patient has to go through serum creatinine test and creatinine urine test to measure the amount of creatinine in the bloodstream. Another test that includes muscle biopsy is needed for keeping a check on muscle damage.

Treatment options for low creatinine

Low creatinine serum treatment

Treating the low creatinine serum involves strengthening the muscles with the help of corticosteroids. Along with the therapy, a course of prescribed medication can lower the level of creatinine.

A proper diet can also help in improving the condition of the kidneys. Certain foods like high protein and high sodium that should be consumed in safer quantity. Processed and packed food should be avoided during treatment. Liquids like coffee, alcohol, aerated drinks and tea should be avoided as much as possible. Patient must also increase the level of physical activity and strengthen the training exercise to increase the muscle mass. One can try activities like swimming, brisk walking, aerobics and light jogging.

Ayurvedic treatment for low creatinine serum

According to Ayurveda, kidneys can revive itself by the use of herbs and ancient techniques. Ayurvedic treatment involves the use of unrefined herbs such as Punarnava, Gokshur, Shirish, Shigeru, Kaasni and Milk Thistle. These herbs have no side effects, unlike prescribed allopathic medications. They have natural healing properties that help in increasing the creatinine serum and preventing any further damage.

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