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Can Dialysis be Stopped Once Started

Can Dialysis Be Stopped Once Started? Ayurvedic Kidney Care - Dr. Puneet Dhawan


Kidney disease

Kidney disease is the condition that describes the gradual loss of kidney function. The kidneys filter wastes and excess fluids from the blood, which are then excreted in the urine. When kidney disease reaches an advanced stage, dangerous levels of fluid, electrolytes and wastes can build up in the body. If this condition is not treated on time, it can lead to kidney failure. Can Dialysis Be Stopped Once Started

What causes kidneys to get damaged?

High blood pressure, hypertension or Type 2 diabetes is the common reasons for kidney disease. The other signs such as genetic disorder, polycystic kidney disease, and nephrotic syndrome, physical injury to kidneys, bladder infection, lupus, and glomerulonephritis are other such reasons. “Can Dialysis Be Stopped Once Started”

What is dialysis?

Dialysis is a complex medical procedure that is primarily used to remove excess water and waste from the bloodstream of individuals who suffer from end-stage renal failure. In order to understand the treatment process, dialysis technicians and patients must learn about the principles of osmosis and diffusion. These two concepts are the driving forces behind healthy kidney function and the design of the dialysis machine. Osmosis and diffusion are constantly at work in the kidneys of those who still have properly functioning kidneys. These concepts can also be used to help educate the public on how the kidneys work and the actions that can be taken to help reduce the risk of developing an advanced renal disease.  Kidney Failure Ayurvedic Treatment


There is no single kidney diet as each plan is specific to each person. This requires careful research and monitoring in order to design the correct plan for each patient’s needs. The patients are required to follow a proper eating plan to fit their dietary necessities. Patient must control the amount of protein, fluids, phosphorous, potassium and sodium that are consumed. Alcohol, aerated drinks, and caffeine should be cut out from the diet. “Can Dialysis Be Stopped Once Started”

How can Ayurveda stop the need for dialysis?

Ayurvedic treatment is one of the authentic branches of science related to the healing of diseases and body ailments. Ayurveda makes use of natural treatment techniques and herbal medications made from unrefined herbs. Karma Ayurveda has been providing an alternative treatment to dialysis in its center. It was started in 1937 and since then has successfully treated thousands of kidney patients. The center is working under the guidance of Dr. Puneet Dhawan who is one of the finest Ayurveda physicians of India. His dietary advice and natural treatment techniques have cured many serious cases. “Can Dialysis Be Stopped Once StartedChronic Kidney Disease Treatments .

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