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Ayurvedic Treatment for Kidney Disease- Stop Kidney Dialysis -Kidney Failure Treatment

Karma ayurveda under the supervision of Dr Puneet Dhawan developed an ayurvedic medicine for kidney failure.It was a result of long and extensive research carried out by 5 generations of dr puneet dhawan as a result of which major improvements were noticed in GFR(Renal scan DTPA) of patients suffering from kidney diseases.
Research and Development
Company under the leadership of Dr. Puneet Dhawan is actively engaged in research based ayurvedic medicines for kidney,as a result of which kidney cells gets rejuvenated with time. providing you a new life with a revived kidneys.

Healthy kidneys cleans your blood by removing excess fluid,minerals and wastes.They also make hormones that keeps your bone strong and your blood healthy When your kidneys fail,harmful wa0stes builts up in your body,your B.P may rise, and your body may retain excess fluid and make enough RBC. When this happens to you, you need treatment to replace the work of your kidney,this is when dialysis is adviced by allopathic doctors.
Karma ayurveda deals in root cause and with our ayurvedic medicines your kidney cells starts rejuvenating and this can be experienced by changes in medical reports.

For those who have started the dialysis in recent months,with our treatment of few months it is possible to stop dialysis.
For those who are regularly on dialysis,frequency of dialysis can be reduced at first,Later on with time kidneys can be brought to its normal function.

Hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis are treatment that helps replace the work your kidney did, providing symptomatic relief for a limited time,but over the years kidney diaseases can cause problems such as heart diseases,arthritis,nerve damage and malnutrition. With our herbal treatment we bring the kidney to its normal and healthy functioning i.e towards cure and just a symptomatic relief
"kidney disease rarely shows any symptoms. Tests are the only way to find out if you have this disease. The following tests may help uncover this disease:
GFR – (Glomerular Filtration Rate) indicate:
· How well your kidneys clean your blood
· Value from creatinine will help calculate the estimated GFR
· A normal GFR is between 90 – 130, it may drop as you get older.
· A value below 60 suggests that there may be some kidney damage. GFR is an estimate of how well the kidneys are doing. The value over 60 does not mean the kidneys are perfectly fine, your doctor may look at other tests to find if you may have kidney disease.

Stage 5
Kidney failure – may need dialysis soon

Urine Test:
· Kidney damage can cause protein to leak into the urine. This protein is called “albumin”
· A 24 hrs urine test

Blood Pressure:
· High blood pressure can cause kidney disease
· Kidney disease can also cause you to have high blood pressure

Blood Glucose (Sugar) Test:
· Diabetes is also one of the leading cause of kidney failure – must have the test done
· If the blood sugar is too high - it may be a sign of diabetes

Kidney Biopsy:
· A tiny piece of kidney tissue is examined under a microscope

Imaging Tests:
Examples are ultrasound scan, CT (computed tomography) scans and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging)"al 

● Chronic renal failure-usually rise in serum creatinine levels
● Acute renal failure-sudden loss of renal function
● Protenuria- loss of protein/albumin
● Kidney stones
● Chronic recurrent urinary tract infections 
● Hypertension that failed to respond to multiple hypertensive medicines
● Diseases of prostrate,bladder,malignancy,obstruction of urinary tract